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Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals' efforts in managing feral cat colonies and rescuing tame cats are limited by the expenses of veterinary care, food, and trapping equipment. Our projects usually run at a financial loss, with expenses not covered by available SVFF funds coming out of the pockets of SVFF members. We welcome donations of both food and money to further our efforts. Although we do not operate for profit, we do not currently have 501(3)c tax-exempt status, therefore donations are not tax-deductible. Contact for more information about donations.

If you would like to make a financial donation that helps SVFF's mission but want to make it to an organization with 501(3)c tax-exempt status, please consider making the donation to Silicon Valley Animal Rights which runs Project Henry, a free spay neuter program that SVFF has been using recently to support our projects. Be sure to include a note when you make your donation designating the fund for Project Henry so that it goes directly to support the spay/neuter program.

We require a donation ($85 minimum per cat) as a condition of adoption. The purpose of the donation is two-fold: First, the donation defrays (usually only partially) the costs associated with rescuing the adopted cat. Larger donations that would fully cover the expenses on the particular cat, and/or help rescue other cats, are welcome. Second, the donation is a screening mechanism used to insure that the adoptor can afford the costs associated with caring for a cat.

Finally, we generally require colony caretakers to contribute towards the costs of implementing TTVAR programs in their own colonies. SVFF understands that even with veterinary discounts, the cost of a TTVAR program for a large colony may be daunting, and we will try to help out if and when funds are available. However, we expect the local caretakers to attempt to identify other concerned individuals in the area and raise supplementary funds from them, if they are unable to cover the full cost themselves.

Make Associates Program Purchases

Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals participates in a number of associates programs. First time buyers from the commercial vendors below will have a portion of their payment sent to SVFF by that vendor. These funds will help us spay/neuter more feral cats and rescue tame cats into adoptive homes.

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Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals does not operate for profit, but does not have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

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