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Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals

Cats for Adoption

Silicon Valley Friends of Feral's principal focus is providing humane population control and care for feral cat populations. During the course of this work, we will from time to time rescue tame adult cats and socializable kittens, making them available for adoption on this page.

The adoption process begins with an email from the prospective adoptors to the foster caretaker or to SVFF's general adoption email address, . We will provide prospective adoptors (by email) with an application to fill out and return. After receipt of the application, we will contact those adoptors who meet our criteria to arrange a meeting with the cats. Please note there is no central shelter facility with walk-in hours. Cats for adoption are sheltered in the private homes of foster caretakers, and interviews with the cats are by appointment only after submission and approval of a completed application.

Adoptors are required to make a donation to SVFF to partially defray the cost to rescue and care for the cat (incurred by testing the cat for disease, providing vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and other care the cat has received). As of November 2002, the minimum donation to adopt is $85 per cat. Should the adoption not work out, the cat may be returned to SVFF within 30 days for a full refund of the donation. In addition, the adoptor will be required to sign a legally binding adoption contract. The text of the contract will be provided to prospective adoptors whose applications have been approved, before a final commitment to adopt is made. It is our policy that all SVFF cats (including young kittens) for adoption be vaccinated and neutered prior to being released to an adoptive home.

Currently Available Cats

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Please inquire for information about available cats

Contact to adopt.

Looking for Barn Cats? SVFF is looking for potential relocation sites for feral cats that cannot be returned to their site of capture due to a physical hazard or other danger to their safety. These cats will happily hunt mice around your barn or horse stable in exchange for a sheltered place to sleep, fresh food and water. Contact for more information.
Don't see a cat here you would like to adopt? Come by our adoption fairs, as we often have cats that are not yet listed on this web page. And please see our message board where private parties may post notices of cats for adoption. Or bookmark this page and use your web browser's "subscribe" feature to have it automatically check this page for updates. Or visit our friends at Itty Bitty Orphan Kitty Rescue and Alley Cat Rescue who have been helping us by taking in litters from SVFF cases.

Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals does not operate for profit, but does not have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

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