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Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals

Adoption Posters

You can help SVFF place cats for adoption by downloading and printing one of our adoption posters and posting it in an appropriate location such as bulletin boards at veterinary clinics, pet supply stores, community centers and libraries. The posters are PDF format, so anyone with Acrobat Reader should be able to view and print them. A directory of our latest posters can be found here. Please be sure to check for the latest available posters when you would like to print them so that you don't use obsolete ones.

If you do post some, we thank you for your help, and ask that you poster responsibly. Please do not completely cover bulletin boards, post over or rip down posters for other rescue organizations, or post in violation of any rules at the posting site or in inappropriate locations. Our posters contribute to public awareness of our organization, and we would like folks to hve a good impression of us!

Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals does not operate for profit, but does not have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

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